We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit the right people for the best jobs.

We draw upon our extensive industry experience and the latest technologies to optimise your hiring, safety on site and administration processes making your next placement as uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible.

Thanks to our partnership with TikForce, we store, verify and manage your credentials; your qualifications, licenses, tickets, insurances, certificates, medical history, police checks – anything that might be required for your next position, to speed up the hiring process.

You only need to upload these credentials once; then you can use them for all future job applications without having to repeat the process. Not only do you benefit from a fast-tracked application process, but you also then have a secure, verified employment profile that you can share with any potential employer, not just us.

By making the job application process faster, smarter and easier, you present yourself as a smart and motivated candidate giving you the edge over the competition.





Dogmen & Riggers

How the verification process works:

  1. Click ‘Apply for Job’ on any of our Vacant Positions
  2. Complete the registration / login process
  3. Scan or photograph your required documents and upload them to the cloud for verification
  4. Receive notification of your verification and job application status

Once in the system, any job applications requiring the same credentials will be pre-populated with those already verified.   You will also receive notifications to prompt you to revalidate credentials as they approach expiry.