ResourcesWA, the parent company of RWA Services, found itself being consistently tasked with pinpointing the right individual and team skillset as a path to project and business efficiency. RWA Services was created as a result, a business dedicated to meeting such needs.

Known for our easy professional approach and extensive network, RWA Services has become a trusted source of the right people for the role – we call it ‘best player plays’. The extensive operational experience of our team allows us to compile the type of service the industry needs. Not content with just doing what everyone else was doing, we teamed up with market disruptor TikForce to not only access the best players but to streamline the administration, verification and safety elements of traditionally “clunky” industry process.

With our focus on professionalism and services to the highest possible standard, we consistently deliver to the client and candidate’s satisfaction, delivering the most suitable outcomes for both parties. When combined with our commitment to safety and performance efficiency, we offer the market an alternative that provides not only the right people for the role but also commands a differentiated market position. We think you will enjoy dealing with us.

Our Partners

TikForce has developed an online solution for the delivery of identity and credential verification. Their low-cost platform helps organisations to achieve compliance faster, smarter and more efficiently than before by providing and supporting identity and credential verification. This benefits employers and recruiters to become more competitive in today’s digital economy. TikForce also provides workers with a secure, online profile containing their verified credentials. This profile makes future job applications faster and more convenient.

Our Team